Yield Data Management

Yield monitor data are collected with inherent errors. AgAnalysis+ uses a technique called Multi-Purpose Grid Mapping (MPGM) to reduce mapping errors in yield monitor data and aggregate data for comparison to other data and analysis. MPGM is a recently developed tool for improving yield maps using geographical techniques and an understanding of combine operation. MPGM consolidates data from the original yield maps to a selected cell size (e.g., 60 x 60 ft), removing errors that can lead to misrepresentative maps and inappropriate inferences. MPGM improves data storage by more than 90%. This procedure has been rigorously evaluated and provides yield maps that serve as the foundation for analysis and management decisions.

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Production Management

Yield maps developed using MPGM provide the basis for a suite of decision-making tools; including Production Benchmarking, On-Farm Research Design and Analysis, and Crop Yield Modeling. We help you resolve any Data Collection Issue to ensure that you obtain the highest quality data. Quality data provide the basis for Production Benchmarking and sound management decisions. Our On-Farm Research Design and Analysis approach will help you answer specific "what-if" production questions. Crop Yield Modeling can help you develop site-specific input (e.g., fertilizer) recommendations unique to your farm's fields. Our goal is to maximize the profits of crop production, while considering environmental risks.

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